Reckon Accounts installation made easy

Reckon Accounts Installation / Reckon ONE accounting software – freedom to install on any platform

Alchester explains the full set of products and system architectures you can run with Reckon Accounts Desktop range, the HOSTED version, and the latest Reckon ONE Cloud based product.

“Alchester is to BusinessAccredited-Partner-Accounts-One, as Hayman Reese towbars are to the car/caravan industry”   ….  providing that all important technical link.  Alchester, being former FCPA Accountants themselves,  understand the compliance and Accounting structures desired by internal/external Accountants and Bookkeepers, and can speak their language.  Alchester’s main focus is on systems and business analysis.

An apology for loving analogies right up front.  But there is one major error people make, and that is, picking the wrong product in the first place.  Consider the chap who wants to take his family of 5 children on a picnic and has $2000 in the bank.  Reaching the car yard, a little Mini is spotted for $1999!  Terrific,  nice car, but only four seats.  No picnic!  What was the objective?  To get 7 people to the picnic.  It would be better to have rented a 7-seater wagon for $300 for the weekend:  mission accomplished.  Instead, this chap has a mini of no use,  no money (except his last dollar!), and the children never had a picnic.

With Alchester, the right business choices are made!  These articles show how.

So for this article we assume the selection of the appropriate Reckon Accounts  product has been made, based on the features, modules, reports and capacities that the business needs.  What we’d like to do, is show just how flexible it is,  to then run any of these packages anywhere, anytime, with whatever equipment you like as well.  And that is an aspect of Consulting/Support that Alchester likes to share and assist with fellow Accredited Partners who focus more on Accounting and Bookkeeping, whilst Alchester compliments with business and technical Consulting services

But wait,  part of the business decision, surely must be whether the chosen solution fits in with all the other aspects to considerThe WHAT, WHERE and WHEN questions.   That’s what’s identified for you by us – it’s all about the CHOICES

Finally,  we’ll tabulate  HOW Alchester can do all this for you.