Reckon Accredited Partners enhance business solutions

guarding_doorWhilst Reckon Product Managers control the development of new product releases behind carefully guarded doors, the business demands being asked of Accredited Partners calls for a range of services. 

In the business world, the development groups are:

  • Reckon ONE
  • Reckon Accounts HOSTED
  • Reckon Accounts Desktop   /   Point of Sale
  • API  and MOBILE



AP services fill the gap!

Customers deploy these products alongside a variety of other business solutions that integrate to the Reckon range of products.    This calls for a number of complimentary services.  Those that relate specifically to the discrete Reckon products,  are catered for by the front line support teams.  Integrated product Partners provide similar support for their software,  but this leaves an important area in the middle.   We call this the IT ENVIRONMENT, and specialist APs have skills to support the needs of this.

  • After hours support for IT integration, support and troubleshooting/diagnosis  (API support)
  • Systems, LAN/WAN, communications and networking support  (ie: hardware, communications and operating systems support)
  • Training on a one-to-one basis on the practical 'use' of the products concerned.  
  • Assisting the Community in how best to obtain answers to common questions.  (Ideas on how best to avail of support resources).

Meantime. non-IT focus by APs can provide an exceptional range of consulting services on matters like:

  • Bankfeeds
  • SMSF management and auditing
  • BAS processing
  • Cost Accounting and project planning services
  •    ......    simply refer to the detailed information on the websites of the many APs involved with Reckon.

Development teams can deliver a great deal, especially when coupled with the depth of ancillary skills provided by experienced business professionals in the fields of Accounting, Bookkeeping, IT integration and environment support.


Over 400 Software Partners offering integrated solutions

Accredited Partners can assist with the selection of a huge range of complimentary software partner products.


over 300+ Accredited Partners throughout Australia and New Zealand

business can be assured of gaining access to professionals in:

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business analysis and consulting engagements
  • IT analysis  and deployment consulting services
  • Training
  • Compliance, tax agent, and Corporate services
    from suitably QUALIFIED APs with P.I. Insurance

in Australia, New Zealand, Cook Is and U.K.


See how Alchester has been putting API to the test  at:
IT and integration support - another consulting service from the many RECKON APs.