Alchester Business Systems – Why Contact Us?

A dozen good reasons to have Alchester on your team
CBD Officeimageputting your needs first – that’s why you call us instead of some sales company!
imageensuring right technologies chosen and installed with important project management
imagetaking care of entire job – installation, tailoring, updating, procurement, delivery
imagecost-plus basis access to leading distributors and manufacturers
imageworking with you, not just for you, and letting you get involved if you want to be
imagedirect help, quick and personal – when you need it – no fuss!
imageindependent technical support since 1987, and staff even longer
imagesaving you time and money by arranging all I.T purchases for you
imagetestimonials of professional support – getting the job done when it’s really needed
imagecompetitively priced for the time on your job – not for overheads and call centre!
imageexperience with major corporate projects providing logistics/support
imagea fair approach to service arrangements – we respect your customer position

We take care of everything!
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