Reckon Systems Terminology

Gary Pope. B.Bus (ACC), Director: Alchester Business Systems, Professional Partner for Reckon Accounts, and authors of buildMGR CRM + WorkflowAlchester has prepared this short terminology list of the integrated set of  technologies that are depended upon by the various choices of Reckon Accounts or Reckon ONE software.  Reference is made to these, as part of the previous post:   Reckon installation specifications overview at

Alchester has a business focus on supporting these technologies as well as providing support for Reckon Accounts and Reckon ONE as a Reckon  Accredited Partner.



The Data Centre used for either RA Hosted or the Cloud Based “Reckon ONE”. This is housed at Amazon’s Australian based facilities. This provides clients with the comfort of knowing their business data is held in Australia, and is held under the terms of Australian Privacy and access laws and legislation

Pre May 2015:
ie: RA Hosted: (
ie: Reckon ONE: (
and still, with new Reckon ONE “Evolution”
ie: Reckon ONE : (


Virtual Private Network Connection (only needed if using Reckon Accounts on a Server or dedicated Workstation (PC). Typically, a business would have it’s DATA on a server or a dedicated/shared PC at their OFFICE. VPN is a layer of networking software that needs to be in place and initiated (on the remote, personal device), when the User is off premises. ie: when away from where the RA Server is located, with the Company’s DATA files: “the BOOKS”. With a VPN session initiated, a client PC/notebook/Tablet/smartphone makes a private networking connection, over the internet, which effectlively makes that personal device appear to be part of the local network where the Server is. With the VPN in operation, all functions done thereafter, make the client device appear to be on the LAN to which they’ve connected. ie: it is as if the client device was physically at the premises, networked locally to where the Reckon Accounts SERVERS are located).

VPN connections are made available by setting the target server location along with its passwords, encryption levels and compression options for efficient and secure access over what is otherwise a public internet service. There are many APPS (for Tablets/phone) and system tools on Windows or MAC based PCs/desktops to achieve this. Alchester can advice on these if asked. Some examples are listed in the cross-reference chart, purely to demonstrate capability and need.


Depending on the User Device, there are Internet browsing programs that permit access to websites or web-based Hosted of Cloud based servers.
Examples are:
– Mozilla Firefox (recommended by ABS)
– Mozilla Mercury for iMAC, iPAD
– Mozilla Iceweasel for Linux (recommended by ABS)
– Google Chrome
– Microsoft Internet Explorer
– Android APP: Firefox v23.0 +
– iMAC Safari

plus PLUG-IN options that enhance the features of the BROWSER are also available


Terminal Services Session. Software that permits a remotely located USer device to run a screen session on a Server. ie: Remote Desktop Connection for Mac v2.1.1 allows users of iMAC devices to remotely run Reckon Accounts program on a Server


Also known as rdesktop (in Linux environment) is an application program run on a client device, for using a TSS (see above)
– rdesktop/Linux Ideally run within Reminna
(an ideal tool for making remote connections as SSH, RDP, XDMCP, VNC or SFTP)

– RDC for MAC: Download Link:
– RDC for Windows is usually part of the desktop operating system, under
Programs –> Accessories –> Remote Desktop Connection.
– RDC for iPAD: Microsoft Remote Desktop app v8.1.7 download from:
– Android: see APP: Pocket Cloud PRO


A “Peer” structured system. is similar to A server, except that it is a scaled down workstation operating system (such as Windows7, as opposed to Windows Server 20xx), and that workstation SHARES access to the stored database DATA file (the ‘books’) for other client devices to access simultaneously. In a “Peer” environment, a client will typically be using the said ‘Peer” workstation not only in the capacity of it providing a server capability to other users, but also in the capacity of a standard desktop PC for a client to use as well.


Reckon Accounts (multi-user Pro, Premium, Enterprise) stores the DATA separately from each of the User devices (clients running the program). The Server runs a Database Server Manager that controls and permits each of the users to be able to concurrently access the same company “Books” (ie: the database DATA file).

Reckon Accounts HOSTED and Reckon ONE have the server located at a hosted remote site or the Cloud respectively. Both are in fact, just server systems running ‘somewhere else’ and that is where the ‘books’ (the database DATA files) are stored.


A set of additional software that sits alongside the Reckon programs, that permits access to other forms of data and databases, such as non-RECKON complimentary software products. Examples are Timesheet, CRM, ERP, Estimating, forecasting, Manufacturing type products to name but a few. The industry is full of terrific packages and associated software tools that enhance the use of existing data that may exist in RECKON databases. Computer users are aware of the most basic of data sharing approaches such as exporting data as .CSV to spreadsheet programs, or obtaining data as QIF/IIF files for instance. But fully integrated connections can be made from a foreign database directly into the RECKON databases using API.


Software Development Kits are another form of permitting access into RECKON data/databases. Reckon Professional Partners who are also software developers have used SDK kits in the past, but today, the availability of API tools is proving to be more useful.

For technical support on any of these technologies, Alchester provides an excellent personal and professional service.   For information on those services,  contact us anytime on 0408 994799

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