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Alchester is here to help, with the freedom of choice of devices and servers

Gary Pope. B.Bus (ACC), Director: Alchester Business Systems, Professional Partner for Reckon Accounts, and authors of buildMGR CRM + Workflow

Taking a pro-active role in helping business owners flush out the “Elephant in the Room”  issues with their profit margins, COGS and overhead concerns,  Alchester offers an independent consulting service to couple other technologies, help refine procedures and business practices and pin point issues needing improvement,  to generate a healthier bottom line for the business.


As a service back into the Reckon Accredited Partner Community,  here is a simple overview that helps demonstrate the freedom of choices available to users who seek Accounting software for a variety of reasons.   So, first, why the different platforms?  Let’s explain what is going on behind the scenes for you.

Cloud or In house ?   –  Freedom to choose, depending on your specific needs

Alchester has worked on large scale enterprise level business projects, where confidentiality and  security are high on the agenda.  This can translate to questions about 24/7 uptime, disaster site availability and all manner of performance criteria.

At the other end of the scale, are small to medium businesses (SMB) who have budgetary consideration or may have internet performance issues in regional/rural areas for instance,  and a Hosted or Cloud based (ie: the Accounting software is held somewhere else), just doesn’t work for their situation.

And there are business owners, that simply prefer to have their business data in their own hands, on their own devices, for reasons, that we simply respect and help with.  No problem,  there are single-user, multi-user and larger scale enterprise solutions available to service these users.  In fact, that is where the roots of Reckon Accounts range of desktop software comes from, back in 1987!

Of course,  in the end,  it’s the devices YOU want to use, that determines how best to deploy your Accounting solutions.

WHAT device do you want to use?

You have the freedom to use traditional desktop PCs and laptops, or these days, portable TABLETS and SMARTPHONES are becoming more common.

  • iMAC based desktop PCs and Laptops that run the iOS operating system, and have reliance upon iTunes
  • Microsoft Windows based PCs and Laptops running say  Windows 7 Professional with preference of a Microsoft set of software
  • Linux based  desktop PCs and laptops running operating systems like:  Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, Debian, Mint for instance
    using Open Source, freeware software like Mozilla Firefox, Libra Office, Thunderbird Email, and using Google APPS, Dropbox like services
  • iPAD Tablets are very common and popular these days, and they too run a MAC based operating system:  iOS 8 for instance, with APPS from the APP Store
  • Android Tablets are the alternative, which users who prefer Galaxy, Google, ASUS type products for instance, and obtain APPS using “Play Store”
  • iPhone smartphone based on MAC technology, coupling all manner of social media into a portable phone device, but based on APP store features
  • Android Smartphones like Galaxy, HTC for instance that run the Linux based Android operating systems, and use Play Store to fetch APPS
  • and other branded technologies that typically perform combinations of the above,  or are rather unique and proprietary, so we’ve excluded them here.

WHERE do you want to use your device?

This is probably the most important question, so left to last here so you remember it.  Do you want to access your Accounting from the office, at home, on the road, at a client’s, and what about those occasions that you are away from the big cities or even overseas?   You need to keep these objectives in mind,  because the answer will dictate where the the COMPANY “BOOKS” (the data file) is located, and how you get to reach it, to use it.  This is where the technology skills of Alchester come in.  We can help set up the communications and networking links,  look into the way your server, or the Hosted or Cloud servers (services) are reachable, from your devices, and tailor them to be operational for you.  Then you are left free to get on with running your business.

WHEN might staff need to do this at the same time?

This has two points to consider.  Firstly,  how many staff (and/or your external Accountant/Bookkeeper too) need to access your company BOOKS?    And secondly,  does this need to be done at the same time (concurrent access).  These decisions determine whether you need your central DATA (the Company Books) to be capable of having multi-user access,  as well as whether the BOOKS can be sent to your Accountant for separate modification, say at end-of-year,  whilst you keep running the business in the meantime.


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