CRM + Workflow = ERP

Leveraging powerfspecialty_buildmgrul Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
with effective business WORKFLOWS
provides an excellent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Check YOUR POTENTIAL SAVINGS with this calculator 
compare a recent trial Alchester performed for a local Builder who had delay costs in excess of $45,000 p.a

That’s where the power of bringing together our many years of experience with sugarCRM and its fork of suiteCRM  for CRM coupled with our development of workflow, has made buildMGR a veritable force for assisting businesses with their resource management pursuits.

What started as a requirement to control the handling of multiple job site projects in a construction industry environment,  has lead to Alchester providing business analysis on a variety of exercises using software tools and technologies that a client may already possess.  But, as is typical in today’s fast moving world of staff turnover/changes and insufficient attention to internal processes, workflows and clear documentation of such processes, businesses run into trouble when trying to cope with being too successful in the sales area!

Gary Pope. B.Bus (ACC), Director: Alchester Business Systems, Professional Partner for Reckon Accounts, and authors of buildMGR CRM + Workflow“…Without adequate workflow processes in place, a business risks losing money due to poor resource planning – be it external contractors/supplier OR their own internal staff.  The use of our buildMGR (TM) facilities was one such exercise in addressing that problem in the building/construction industry. “

Details of this tool, which is offered as a Cloud based ‘Software as a Service” (SaaS), 
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(*) prices vary on number of staff and size of operation, and can  be tailored for any size Builder.
This example was for 10 online users, after setup costs, and for tracking a business constructing up to 100 homes pa.