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As a way of giving back to the Accounting Community,  Alchester has provided a considerable investment in time and research to help fellow Accredited Partners.



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Common Network (LAN) environment issues solved through Reckon Community Support.


Common Internet (WAN) environment issues solved through Reckon Community Support.


SYSTEM environment solutions provided by Reckon Community Help

How providing over $50,000 of pro bono support to the Community helped solve serious problems
AND identified interesting trends!


Reckon Accounts / Reckon ONE (5 useful articles)

– Reckon Accounts installation made easy
– Reckon Accounts freedom of choices
– Reckon installation specifications overview
– Reckon Systems Terminology
– Reckon Support


IT and ENVIRONMENT support to fellow AP’s and their clients.

Gary Pope. B.Bus (ACC), Director: Alchester Business Systems, Professional Partner for Reckon Accounts, and authors of buildMGR CRM + WorkflowAlchester is an independent IT consulting firm.  Focus is on Business Systems analysis,  project management and internal cost accounting management from a business and IT perspective.   Solutions based on integrating complimentary proven technologies can be introduced from bona fide software developers.  This improves business efficiency,  and is well complimented by ABS’ 40 years background  experience in the Accounting industry.  ABS has an astute awareness of the needs of fellow Accredited Partners who focus on Accounting and Bookkeeping for their clients.



Gary Pope
m: 0408994799
An Accredited Partner- Consultant (VIC. Aust)
“Working with Accountants/Bookkeepers PPs/APs, as an
     independent IT Professional and retired FCPA Accountant”

Reckon Accounts installation made easy

Reckon Accounts Installation / Reckon ONE accounting software – freedom to install on any platform

Alchester explains the full set of products and system architectures you can run with Reckon Accounts Desktop range, the HOSTED version, and the latest Reckon ONE Cloud based product.

“Alchester is to BusinessAccredited-Partner-Accounts-One, as Hayman Reese towbars are to the car/caravan industry”   ….  providing that all important technical link.  Alchester, being former FCPA Accountants themselves,  understand the compliance and Accounting structures desired by internal/external Accountants and Bookkeepers, and can speak their language.  Alchester’s main focus is on systems and business analysis.

An apology for loving analogies right up front.  But there is one major error people make, and that is, picking the wrong product in the first place.  Consider the chap who wants to take his family of 5 children on a picnic and has $2000 in the bank.  Reaching the car yard, a little Mini is spotted for $1999!  Terrific,  nice car, but only four seats.  No picnic!  What was the objective?  To get 7 people to the picnic.  It would be better to have rented a 7-seater wagon for $300 for the weekend:  mission accomplished.  Instead, this chap has a mini of no use,  no money (except his last dollar!), and the children never had a picnic.

With Alchester, the right business choices are made!  These articles show how.

Reckon Support

For best Reckon Help / Reckon Support and fixing computer  IT  issues.

Key Contacts for Help on Reckon Accounts / Reckon ONE. / API development


Alchester Business Systems

Help for clieGary Pope. B.Bus (ACC), Director: Alchester Business Systems, Professional Partner for Reckon Accounts, and authors of buildMGR CRM + Workflownts working in Linux/Open Source environment, and also keen to use Reckon ACCOUNTS or Reckon ONE in such an environment.
**A niche market area where Alchester has inroads to the ERP, WMS, CRM, Project Management marketplace, and where Reckon Accounts can play a role with Project Costing/Management (where the former is likely in a RedHat/SUSE/Oracle Linux/Debian/CentOS/Fedora “Linux” version based environment).

For an independent, and obligation free, initial consultation on how Reckon Accounts could assist your business, refer:

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