Reckon installation specifications overview

HOW Alchester takes care of the TECHNOLOGY aspects for you too.

Accredited-Partner-Accounts-OneAlchester can help you with all your IT related setup of communication, equipment, internet connections and if needed, access to Cloud related services, PLUS all your portable tablet/smartphone devices that you’d like to use as well.  And that’s just the installation services that can be provided!  After that, and in conjunction with your Bookkeeper/Accountant,  Alchester can assist with business analysis services, particularly WORKFLOW and KPI analysis,  to ensure your business profits from the best reporting tools available.
Alchester has provided an overview of the choices available for installing each of the Reckon suite accounting of solutions.

Reckon Systems Terminology

Gary Pope. B.Bus (ACC), Director: Alchester Business Systems, Professional Partner for Reckon Accounts, and authors of buildMGR CRM + WorkflowAlchester has prepared this short terminology list of the integrated set of  technologies that are depended upon by the various choices of Reckon Accounts or Reckon ONE software.  Reference is made to these, as part of the previous post:   Reckon installation specifications overview at

Alchester has a business focus on supporting these technologies as well as providing support for Reckon Accounts and Reckon ONE as a Reckon  Accredited Partner.



The Data Centre used for either RA Hosted or the Cloud Based “Reckon ONE”. This is housed at Amazon’s Australian based facilities. This provides clients with the comfort of knowing their business data is held in Australia, and is held under the terms of Australian Privacy and access laws and legislation

Reckon Support

For best Reckon Help / Reckon Support and fixing computer  IT  issues.

Key Contacts for Help on Reckon Accounts / Reckon ONE. / API development


Alchester Business Systems

Help for clieGary Pope. B.Bus (ACC), Director: Alchester Business Systems, Professional Partner for Reckon Accounts, and authors of buildMGR CRM + Workflownts working in Linux/Open Source environment, and also keen to use Reckon ACCOUNTS or Reckon ONE in such an environment.
**A niche market area where Alchester has inroads to the ERP, WMS, CRM, Project Management marketplace, and where Reckon Accounts can play a role with Project Costing/Management (where the former is likely in a RedHat/SUSE/Oracle Linux/Debian/CentOS/Fedora “Linux” version based environment).

For an independent, and obligation free, initial consultation on how Reckon Accounts could assist your business, refer:

To demonstrate how we independently offer help to fellow users, AP’s and PP’s of Reckon, check out our profile and acknowledgements of the Community work we provide, at:


End User Resources

Powerful Laptop with Virtualisation

This laptop design approach is a very powerful virtualisation (KVM/VM) tool for taking on  the road.

Multiple Operating System environments simultaneously running

It is ideal for system administration personnel enjoying VMs and acting like a pseudo server,  who need to take it all on the road in a laptop. Surprisingly, the solution comes from a high performance gaming market solution, because of the need to have lots of memory, as well as lots of disk storage running safely in RAID-1 as well as a third internal archive reference drive. This has worked well with the sub-10 seconds  quick boot time of Debian, whilst also enjoying access to a Windows environment running within a powerful open source Linux/KVM host.

Internet Connections Speed

Internet speed and connections vary based on distance and Telephone Exchange equipment. It may surprise readers to learn that despite being in a suburban or industrial area, you may have very few choices.