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Woodworking Speakers Register

Woodworking Speakers Register

A national list of Speakers on Woodworking Topics throughout Australia.

Please Note: This Register is a FREE service the Knox and District Woodworkers Club Inc. Victoria provides to woodworking clubs, making information more easily available about individuals/business/organisations offering their services as independent speakers around the country (by State).

This Register is quite separate from the activities of the Knox and District Woodworkers Club Inc. itself, and does not in any way imply or represent Knox and District Woodworkers Club Inc. endorsement or recommendation of those Speakers listed.

Clubs making use of this Register are asked to contact the Speaker direct, bearing the following points in mind:

1.    Clarify exactly what the Speakers topic and title will be for the presentation.

2.     Preferably confirm the booking in writing or email, particularly if it is some months ahead - and explain in detail how to find your venue.

3.     Detail a member to meet the Speaker and show them where to park etc.

4.     Make sure that the Speaker has a glass of water available to them during the lecture.

5.     Determine what equipment/space the Speaker will require and ensure that any equipment provided by your club such as slide projector, screen, etc. is in good working order and, in the case of projectors, will actually accommodate the Speaker’s slides!!

6. Many speakers have more talk topics available than we can list. Please contact individual speakers for further information.

7. Determine whether speakers have items for sale to your members at the presentation, so you can give club attendees advance information.

8.     Presentation fees in this Register are shown within bands instead of being expressed in actual amounts. Guest Speaker organisers should negotiate any actual fee separately with the speaker concerned as distance and time spent travelling etc may influence the payment.

        Presentation Fee bands including travel:
        A: No fee
        B: Up to $40
        C: $40 - $80
        D: $80 plus

9. If no payment is requested then obviously a token gift is always appreciated during the "thank-you".

Speakers directly provide the information to be placed on the Register – on the clear understanding that they agree to it being made public on the "Woodworking Speakers Register" on the Knox and District Woodworkers Club Inc. website www.alchester.com.au/kdwc, for anyone to access. This overcomes privacy issues.

To further reinforce privacy the Speaker details will not be supplied separately to any other individual or organisation by Knox & District Woodworkers Inc.

Paul Lucas - for Knox & District Woodworkers Inc


LOOKING FOR A SPEAKER, to present at your Club?
DOWNLOAD the latest Woodworking Speakers Register
: Click here.

DOWNLOAD the Application Form, fill it in, and email/mail it to us.  Click here

Know of an individual/business/organisation who you think would be interested in being on the Guest Speaker register?
If so, you can:

1.  Get them to visit the website and download an Application Form

2.  Get them to contact Paul Lucas at 64plucas64@gmail.com

3.  Advise Paul Lucas of the individual/business/organisation and I will make contact with them (preferably provide a contact name to make it easier for me)



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