Community Interests – Promoting Australia!

Non-IT pursuits of Alchester.

Alchester supports a number of non-profit interest groups in the local area, as well as promoting  Australian based tourism and local business .  Efforts in these areas have resulted in lifestyle opportunities to participate in some very rewarding activities, that present a welcome change from the complexities of IT support and business analysis services.  But it also permits great opportunities to use the skills and technologies that Alchester has at its disposal,  to enrich and advance the satisfaction gained by members of such organisations.

Two that stand out, are the KDWC and GdayPUBS, but over the years have included  Scouting Australia, numerous 4WD and car clubs, Music Groups, Probus, and a number of groups that clients have sought assistance on a pro-bono basis from Alchester to assist, such as local Freemason members, despite no direct affiliation as such.

Shared below are some links that may serve to assist readers with discovering travel and community opportunities and ideas, that Alchester has enjoyed.