Aug 2nd - 23rd Aug 2008
see www.alchester.com.au/absoutback.htm for outback communication link details and how we use collaborative 3G to stay in touch when on the road
we'd like to mention a couple of important supporters of this journey, and the great company of fellow travellers:
Rod and Sue Holloway from Townsville,
travelling with Betty and Gary Pope.

Query us on mailto:gaz@alchester.com.au

Anyway:......  Where's The Basin?
Alchester Village Meat Supply - Stan, Carolyn, Tim Coates  and the team for their Award Winning meats- 'the best' in Victoria!  Check the awards. (on page 2)
Andrew Gallop and his team - Hardings Caravan Services for servicing/support of caravan and towing equipment. (Hardings Newsletter)
Digitech Corporation - Michael Pope for technical assistance with the original  ABSoutback(1)  mobile intenet communications setup/support. Digitech Services

TekSupport Pty Ltd - Unix firewall, VPN server and internet technical support specialists.  refer to  Rob, Maureen and the team for ADSL/Internet/Security related technologies. (Suppliers to Alchester)
Panther/Soterion - George Linardos for technical advice on low wattage portable lighting. check the Fire Fly torches!

Pirahna - for unfailing advice on matters of UPS and pure sign Power Inverter equipment for automotive use. Contact them for 4WD accessories
Hillview Motors & Tyres
- Ian Hendrick for all mechanical, tyres & personal service.
Cnr Mountain Hwy & Forest Rd, The Basin  Ph: 9762 7017
Summary of trip.
Sorento 2007  2.5 auto  5sp 4 cyl Diesel 4WD; 1300kg Gazal Poptop Van

See a complete list of FUEL PRICES and PERFORMANCE RESULTS here)

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Distance and time:
5055   kms
in 23  days.
Fuel used
595 litres of diesel
fuel prices:
from  $1.63.9 to $1.86.9 (Diesel)
Worst seen:  $2.05 at Hill End.
$ 1.86.9   at Junee and Coonabarabran
Best prices:  $1.69.7 at McGraph's Hill at Windsor NSW.
NOTE: Questionable performance degradation running on 2% bio-diesel mixtures.
Performance was only fair, because:
* did a lot of stop/start photography whilst motor running
* return trip was done at 110km/h with a caravan (wind drag inefficient over 90km/h)

* some towing was into the histroic areas like Hill End, where we actually towed the van up through 4WD tracks like Mervyn's Lookout!
* Sightseeing involved a lot of 1st gear dribbling along
* Blue Mountains area involved a lot of 2nd/3rd gear decent engine breaking
* but we did manage to tow the van around Mt Panorama track in 8mins 19secs!

Av 11.79 lt/100kms  (60% towing)
best (50% towing flat at under 100km/h):   10.5lt/100 on cruise
Worst: (towing at 110km/h) 12.95.lt/100
(towing into 4WD areas 14.15 lt/100)

This compares to the best we've ever achieved, the weekend after the trip as it turns out:
on Cruise control along the Hamilton Highwy (1/9/08:   773kms on 69L.)   being    8.9L/100kms

Tested: , Optus GSM, Telstra GSM, Telstra 3G, Telstra NEXT-G
CONCLUSION:   Next-G in rural areas around Mudgee/Bathurst area, still not as good as CDMA coverage used to be.

Worst loss: Optus GSM Best connection
NextG (except missing between vital rural locations, noted)

Most significant COMMUNICATIONS observation:  

Examples of lost communications:   
Southern Tablelands:Olympic Highway, Henry Lawson Highway,
Kangaroo Valley area: Mossman to Nowra.
Trip Highlights


Most memorable events:
Snow in the Lithgow shopping centre;  Dubbo Zoo housing wild rabbits; Rainbows over the heads at Sydney; Visiting Australia's oldest church in Ebenezer; Confirming locating the two oldest standing pubs in mainland Australia, in the Rocks, and at Windsor for www.gdayPubs.com.au; Hiking to Spirey Lookout to see the Bread Knife in the Warrumbungles, after inpecting the Anglo-Australian Telescope; attending AgQuip in Gunnedah;

Trip hazard Issues experienced:
Snow and black ice around Oberon, Lithgow and Hartley; stones in wheel brakes coming off the Olympic Hwy into Hume Freeway bi-pass out of Albury; Gettubg the caravan up the 4WD track to Mervyn's lookout at Hill End.
2008 THE TRIP BEGINS...... 

Time to pull out of beauuuutiful downtown The Basin, and head on up through Yea to the outskirts of Benalla to reach the Hume Highway, for a quick sprint over the NSW 

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2nd Aug
Melbourne to Holbrook. 2008_08_02_day1B.jpg (52305 bytes) 2008_08_02_day1C.jpg (39691 bytes)
3rd Aug
Holbrook to Kangaroo Valley
(Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley)
2008_08_03_day2A.jpg (48272 bytes)

2008_08_03_day2D.jpg (31930 bytes)
2008_08_03_day2B.jpg (51205 bytes)

2008_08_03_day2E.jpg (54425 bytes)
2008_08_03_day2C.jpg (69686 bytes)

2008_08_03_day2F.jpg (46513 bytes)
4th Aug
Kangaroo Valley to Shell Harbour
(Kiama, Bulli Pass)
2008_08_04_day3A.jpg (60858 bytes)

2008_08_04_day3D.jpg (62048 bytes)
2008_08_04_day3B.jpg (63712 bytes)

2008_08_04_day3E.jpg (63785 bytes)
2008_08_04_day3C.jpg (50243 bytes)

2008_08_04_day3F.jpg (29381 bytes)
5th Aug
Shell Harbour to Sans Souci
(Grand Pacific Drive, Cliffton/Coalcliff)
2008_08_05_day4A.jpg (47109 bytes)

2008_08_05_day4D.jpg (47112 bytes)
2008_08_05_day4B.jpg (77896 bytes)

2008_08_05_day4E.jpg (45396 bytes)
2008_08_05_day4C.jpg (57786 bytes)

2008_08_05_day4F.jpg (50222 bytes)
6th Aug
Manly, Sydney, The Rocks, The Heads 2008_08_06_day5A.jpg (49463 bytes)

2008_08_06_day5D.jpg (50558 bytes)
2008_08_06_day5B.jpg (45428 bytes)

2008_08_06_day5E.jpg (52900 bytes)
2008_08_06_day5C.jpg (54522 bytes)

2008_08_06_day5F.jpg (34673 bytes)
7th Aug
Sans Souci to Pitt Town Bottoms
(Windsor, Richmond historical area)
2008_08_07_day6A.jpg (53924 bytes)

2008_08_07_day6C.jpg (51766 bytes)
2008_08_07_day6B.jpg (63000 bytes) 2008_08_07_day6D.jpg (63149 bytes)
8th Aug
Wiseman's Ferry, St Albans, Windsor 2008_08_08_day7A.jpg (63344 bytes)

2008_08_08_day7F.jpg (64349 bytes)

2008_08_08_day7B.jpg (65856 bytes)

2008_08_08_day7C.jpg (45186 bytes)

2008_08_08_day7D.jpg (84267 bytes)

2008_08_08_day7E.jpg (50983 bytes)
9th Aug
Pitt Town Bottoms to Little Hartley
(back way via Mt Wilson area)
2008_08_09_day8A.jpg (37422 bytes)

2008_08_09_day8E.jpg (35410 bytes)
2008_08_09_day8B.jpg (46793 bytes) 2008_08_09_day8C.jpg (52471 bytes)

2008_08_09_day8D.jpg (43278 bytes)
10th Aug
Lithgow and Mount Victoria 2008_08_10_day9A.jpg (57698 bytes)

2008_08_10_day9D.jpg (58013 bytes)
2008_08_10_day9B.jpg (76767 bytes)

2008_08_10_day9E.jpg (48460 bytes)

2008_08_10_day9C.jpg (62173 bytes)

2008_08_10_day9F.jpg (36125 bytes)
11th Aug
Katoomba, Leura, Medlow Bath 2008_08_11_day10A.jpg (50635 bytes)

2008_08_11_day10D.jpg (68968 bytes)

2008_08_11_day10H.jpg (74522 bytes)
2008_08_11_day10B.jpg (232204 bytes)

2008_08_11_day10C.jpg (71241 bytes)

2008_08_11_day10I.jpg (47278 bytes)
2008_08_11_day10F.jpg (49890 bytes)

2008_08_11_day10E.jpg (75275 bytes)

2008_08_11_day10G.jpg (49700 bytes)
12th Aug
Tarana, Oberon, Jenolan Caves 2008_08_12_day11A.jpg (52011 bytes)

2008_08_12_day11B.jpg (64500 bytes)

2008_08_12_day11D.jpg (45865 bytes)
2008_08_12_day11E.jpg (48086 bytes)

2008_08_12_day11G.jpg (67638 bytes)
2008_08_12_day11C.jpg (89205 bytes)

2008_08_12_day11F.jpg (60599 bytes)
13th Aug
Lithgow ZigZag Railway, then to Leura and Mt Victoria. 2008_08_13_day12A.jpg (50801 bytes)

2008_08_13_day12B.jpg (54482 bytes)

2008_08_13_day12C.jpg (71963 bytes)

2008_08_13_day12D.jpg (58530 bytes)

2008_08_13_day12E.jpg (45699 bytes)

2008_08_13_day12F.jpg (68118 bytes)

2008_08_13_day12G.jpg (60604 bytes)

2008_08_13_day12H.jpg (77788 bytes)
14th Aug
Windsor area, Annagrove (Deisel chip) 2008_08_14_day13A.jpg (72978 bytes) 2008_08_14_day13B.jpg (49288 bytes)

2008_08_14_day13D.jpg (55875 bytes)
2008_08_14_day13C.jpg (36588 bytes)
15th Aug
Little Hartley to Mudgee
(Bathurst, Sofala)
2008_08_15_day14A.jpg (44943 bytes)

2008_08_15_day14C.jpg (43671 bytes)

2008_08_15_day14C.jpg (43671 bytes)
2008_08_15_day14B.jpg (60208 bytes)

2008_08_15_day14E.jpg (52462 bytes)

2008_08_15_day14H.jpg (52122 bytes)

2008_08_15_day14F.jpg (69030 bytes)

2008_08_15_day14G.jpg (48736 bytes)
16th Aug
Mudgee Brewery, and local wineries 2008_08_16_day15A.jpg (47182 bytes)

2008_08_16_day15D.jpg (529400 bytes)

2008_08_16_day15G.jpg (60231 bytes)
2008_08_16_day15B.jpg (53692 bytes)

2008_08_16_day15E.jpg (49646 bytes)

2008_08_16_day15H.jpg (65094 bytes)
2008_08_16_day15C.jpg (42055 bytes)

2008_08_16_day15F.jpg (71118 bytes)

2008_08_16_day15I.jpg (43118 bytes)
17th Aug
Mudgee to Gulgong
backtrack to Hill End and Hargraves (hilly areas, towing the van along 4wd tracks)
2008_08_17_day16A.jpg (54651 bytes)

2008_08_17_day16D.jpg (61929 bytes)

2008_08_17_day16G.jpg (51255 bytes)
2008_08_17_day16B.jpg (41775 bytes)

2008_08_17_day16E.jpg (52070 bytes)

2008_08_17_day16H.jpg (72616 bytes)
2008_08_17_day16C.jpg (53510 bytes)

2008_08_17_day16F.jpg (516439 bytes)

2008_08_17_day16I.jpg (766214 bytes)
18th Aug
Gulgong to Coonabarabran
(via Dunedoo)
2008_08_18_day17A.jpg (65491 bytes)

2008_08_17_day16D.jpg (61929 bytes)

2008_08_18_day17G.jpg (52092 bytes)
2008_08_18_day17B.jpg (56474 bytes)

2008_08_18_day17E.jpg (66371 bytes)

2008_08_18_day17H.jpg (52094 bytes)
2008_08_18_day17C.jpg (53410 bytes)

2008_08_18_day17F.jpg (66040 bytes)

2008_08_18_day17I.jpg (58102 bytes)
19th Aug
Sliding Spring Observatory, Warrumbungles 2008_08_19_day18A.jpg (58052 bytes)

2008_08_19_day18D.jpg (49777 bytes)

2008_08_19_day18G.jpg (54477 bytes)

2008_08_19_day18B.jpg (77267 bytes)

2008_08_19_day18E.jpg (50335 bytes)

2008_08_19_day18H.jpg (38471 bytes)
2008_08_19_day18C.jpg (62602 bytes)

2008_08_19_day18F.jpg (72022 bytes)

2008_08_19_day18I.jpg (49772 bytes)
20th Aug
AgQuip agricultural show at Gunedah 2008_08_20_day19A.jpg (63112 bytes)

2008_08_20_day19D.jpg (82129 bytes)

2008_08_20_day19G.jpg (55958 bytes)
2008_08_20_day19B.jpg (52361 bytes)

2008_08_20_day19E.jpg (78805 bytes)

2008_08_20_day19H.jpg (58046 bytes)
2008_08_20_day19C.jpg (56746 bytes)

2008_08_20_day19F.jpg (50747 bytes)

2008_08_20_day19I.jpg (40441 bytes)
21st Aug
Coonabarabran to Dubbo
(Dubbo Zoo.)
2008_08_21_day20A.jpg (57466 bytes)

2008_08_21_day20D.jpg (74318 bytes)

2008_08_21_day20G.jpg (73957 bytes)
2008_08_21_day20B.jpg (66178 bytes)

2008_08_21_day20E.jpg (61920 bytes)

2008_08_21_day20H.jpg (65547 bytes)
2008_08_21_day20C.jpg (70806 bytes)

2008_08_21_day20F.jpg (70509 bytes)

2008_08_21_day20I.jpg (69637 bytes)
2008_08_21_day20J.jpg (359087 bytes)
22nd Aug
Dubbo to Forbes
(Wellington, Stuart Town, Molong, Parkes)
2008_08_22_day21A.jpg (54470 bytes)

2008_08_22_day21D.jpg (65142 bytes)

2008_08_22_day21G.jpg (40333 bytes)
2008_08_22_day21B.jpg (44961 bytes)

2008_08_22_day21E.jpg (52886 bytes)
2008_08_22_day21C.jpg (53604 bytes)

2008_08_22_day21F.jpg (49046 bytes)
23rd Aug
Forbes to The Basin
(Grenfell, Young, Wombat, Cootamundra,  Wallendbeen, Junee, Wallacetown, The Rock,  Henty,  Albury, KalKallo)
2008_08_23_day22A.jpg (41116 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22D.jpg (56871 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22G.jpg (57904 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22J.jpg (57633 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22M.jpg (34508 bytes)



2008_08_23_day22B.jpg (48567 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22E.jpg (59649 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22H.jpg (49504 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22K.jpg (45484 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22N.jpg (53936 bytes)
2008_08_23_day22C.jpg (47905 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22F.jpg (57400 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22I.jpg (44013 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22L.jpg (52646 bytes)

2008_08_23_day22O.jpg (59820 bytes)
2008_08_23_day22P.jpg (590943 bytes)
    2008_08_23_day22R.jpg (41379 bytes)               2008_08_23_day22Q.jpg (30777 bytes)
24th Aug
cleanup day! 2008_08_24_day23A.jpg (56056 bytes) 2008_08_24_day23B.jpg (47540 bytes) 2008_08_24_day23C.jpg (69017 bytes)
2008_08_24_day23D.jpg (50200 bytes)

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