Old Codgers Know About Stuff
That's why they're OCKAS helping fellow Ockers!

Call or email OCKAS for help on anything tricky!

Old Codgers Know About Stuff like:

  • Selecting the right car, 4WD, truck, towing vehicle for the job - and how to go about buying one or restore one!
  • Making new technology actually work, like computers, cameras, phones, power equipment, tools, communications
  • Discussing/planning the best ways to get to travel to distant, interesting places, like parks, caravan destinations
  • Where do get good deals on important things in life, like wine, gadgets, tools, workshop bits'n'pieces
  • Knowing where to find reliable, fair priced trades people (Check with Roger!) like:
    electricians, brickies, carpenters, plumbers, gasfitters, welders, handymen (more smart old Codgers!)
  • Civil Engineering, Construction, Building, Surveying, Accounting, Mechanical Engineering, even Meteorological Engineering
  • How to work things out - OCKAS are great at researching the impossible!   ie:  Things like reducing power costs - Gaz/Roger have some great LED/Powerboard ideas!
  • and if it gets too hard to work out for a while, they know where the best watering holes are!
    or where to stock your own cellar:  WineGrowersDirect, GetWinesDirect,  1st ChoiceDanMurphy,

Contact  OCKAS anytime, at MATE's RATES on:  

Gaz_DSCN0370_crop.jpg (367141 bytes) Rod_2008_08_24_Windsor_oldest_NSW_Pub_P8140044_crop.jpg (29834 bytes) Ted_DSCN0331_crop.jpg (82536 bytes) Glenn_DSCN0314_crop.jpg (55651 bytes) Warwick_DSCN0329_crop.jpg (168873 bytes)
Gaz: 0408 994799 Rod: 0428 214318 Ted: 0467 658595 Glenn:0439572787 Warwick:0413443929
Wayne_DSCN0332_crop.jpg (112587 bytes) Frank_DSCN0314_crop.jpg (51244 bytes) Rob_DSCN0299_crop.jpg (104103 bytes) Mark_DSCN0333_crop.jpg (63903 bytes) Roger_BILD0327_crop.JPG (63122 bytes)
Wayne: 0403 920380 Frank: 04212 52040 Rob:0418 517980 Mark:*0408 994799 Roger: *0408994799

* Contact    0408994799   for an introduction or any queries for these Ockas!
Or you can email us instead!

codger   [koj-er]
informal  a man, esp an old or eccentric one: a term of affection or mild derision (often in the phrase old codger )

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition
2009 William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 HarperCollins
Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 200

Ocker     [ok-er]
Seehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocker   for a definition of the Austalian term "Ocker"
which we've elected to mis-type here as "Ockas" to demonstrate our slight indifference!

TIP:  Understanding any part of the Australian "Strine", can be assisted by reference to a good Ockas' dictionary

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