abslogox.jpg (9072 bytes)          ABSoutback Mobile Internet ®         from     Alchester Business Systems       

Providing a link between you,  to your branch offices and the world, when in the OUTBACK!

".......  This just might be the next stage of outback internet cafes:    Café Lattés on the move!"       ....more (read original 2006 press release)
Just one of the many innovative ways that Alchester keeps in touch, supporting its clients.

Now on 3G collaborative                                          call for connect code 
                   (went live 3rd June 2007)                                    UHF 18 (40) (3) (33) / AM: 8 
see the trial over the Nullarbor (Aug 2007)                  WiFi  SSID: "ABSoutback3" 

In an emergency: 

call us:  (0408) 994799 

email/sms for instant support 
at special rates 

absoutback_group.jpg (20908 bytes)
Stay connected as one GROUP too
sharing a common connection
with typical range up to 200m
from each other!
Travelling in a group?   Want to stay in touch with the internet?
How about making forward bookings, checking the weather and road alerts?
Or maybe you just want to check emails from the office or family?
Then the ABSoutback connection facility is worth considering.
As a group, travelling together, doing business together or just meeting up at common

destination or major event - ABSoutback keeps all of you in touch in the outback!
Everyone can communicate together, even travelling at 100km/h  online LIVE in desired!

As for us at Alchester, we just use it to ensure we're always online

to our customers to support them - no matter where we are!

Enquiries:    PO Box 124, The Basin VIC 3154.      Ph:   03-97626293   email: tech@alchester.com.au   
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