Code of Ethical Practice

Adopted 8th Aug 1998

This Code was adopted by the Pub Jug Collectors of Australia to ensure that there is no confusion between Buyer and Seller as to how the quality of an article is to be described when offered for sale and Valued.
In addition to a full description, the item may be mentioned as being the same as the picture displayed in a reference publication such as Wescott Price Guide, Previous Auction Catalogues & Collector Books.
Previously the buyer depended solely on the credibility of the sellerís personal assessment in applying a level of quality when rating and offering the article for sale.
The seller often decided personally what was relevant when describing the item and maybe would tend not to disclose all or some aspects, which might tend to de-value the article.

There are to be 3 Categories, which are listed as follows;

Mint or Perfect Condition
The item will be perfect and in as- new condition such that it looks as though it came straight from the manufactures packaging.
It will have No Faults whatsoever.
The porters mark and time of manufacture should be listed.

The Article will have the appearance of being in very good condition without any visible cracks or chips, but may have some slight crazing/blemish or minor colour fading (dependant on age) that does not distract from the presentation.
However all imperfections shall be noted / mentioned, especially if it has been professionally repaired. The potters mark and time of manufacture should be listed.

Fair / Average
The article must be fully described including size and location of any chip, crack or blemish, colour or artwork fade with description of any repairs having been carried out.
The potters mark and time of manufacture should be listed

Every person should strive to build a personal reputation of Honesty & Credibility in their dealings by describing the article accurately because the other party cannot always view the article being offered.
Also taking Care when packing & assuming Reliability for delivery are all very important in dealing with fellow Collectors.

If a dispute arises it is up to the participants to try to arrive at an agreed settlement but if this is not possible then the Secretary should be advised of the problem.
If a personís name is mentioned frequently in reports, then the secretary will record this fact for advice to anyone who might inquire for a reference.