Powerful Laptop with Virtualisation

This laptop design approach is a very powerful virtualisation (KVM/VM) tool for taking on  the road.

Multiple Operating System environments simultaneously running

It is ideal for system administration personnel enjoying VMs and acting like a pseudo server,  who need to take it all on the road in a laptop. Surprisingly, the solution comes from a high performance gaming market solution, because of the need to have lots of memory, as well as lots of disk storage running safely in RAID-1 as well as a third internal archive reference drive. This has worked well with the sub-10 seconds  quick boot time of Debian, whilst also enjoying access to a Windows environment running within a powerful open source Linux/KVM host.

Internet Connections Speed

Internet speed and connections vary based on distance and Telephone Exchange equipment. It may surprise readers to learn that despite being in a suburban or industrial area, you may have very few choices.